The best SMS bombing tool 101% working-2021 (How to use it?)

What is SMS bombing?

SMS bombing is a new trend or prank which can be used to spam unlimited messages to our friends or any one's number absolutely for free without exposing our number

The most interesting fact is that the messages are spammed from different names and doesn't reveal senders details or number

There are hundreds of SMS bombing apps and websites but the fact is that none of them work properly.

Here is the top SMS bombing app that work 101% perfectly without any bugs or country issues

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How to use this app to SMS bomb your friends:

1) Download the application from the link below-

(No ads or redirections)-

2)Select your country and enter whose number you want to bomb

3)Select the speed at which the SMS should be bombed (Slow kill or Speed kill)

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4)Click on the "BOMBIT" button

5)Boom⚡🔥 now the victim will start receiving lots of fake OTP messages to their number like this: