Real Madrid 2-1 Barcelona: Final score, summary, and goals of El Clasico in LaLiga from Spain

A huge setback in the title race. (Minute by minute of the entire match)

Great game in Madrid, where Zidane's team suffers but is left with the victory due to goals from Benzema and Kroos; discounted Mingueza and almost tied Moriba Not even Barça stops Madrid. Great game in Valdebebas, where Zidane's team suffers but is left with a vital victory due to goals from Benzema and Kroos, in the first half; in the second Mingueza discounted and, in 94, Moriba smashed a shot to the crossbar. The culés protested a supposed penalty of Mendy on Braithwaite. The whites, leaders with Atlético a point above the Catalans.

Minute by minute

The Barça team doubled its record of total shots in the second period (12) and tripled the shots on goal compared to the first act. Griezmann did not contribute enough to the development of the game but his entry favored Jordi Alba to gain presence in attack. From that lane, the action of the Blaugrana goal was born. Without suffering excessively, Real Madrid held up well the push of the culé team in the last phase of the game. He did not generate an attack during the second 45 minutes of play (zero shots on goal) but he sowed panic on the few occasions that he was able to go out on the counterattack through Vinícius. Without the Brazilian on the field and with the changes, the merengue team had to close ranks, defending at times with a line of six men. There is a feeling of anger within the Blaugrana, which is considered damaged by several actions indicated by Gil Manzano. The players and Ronald Koeman claim a possible Ferland Mendy penalty on Martin Braithwaite, in addition to believing that the discounted time (four minutes) is scarce considering the changes and the time it took for the Extremadura referee to resolve a problem with the device technology that communicates with the members of the VAR Room. Reactions and press conferences In moments, the statements of the protagonists ... Zidane: "It cannot be said that it was only because of the referee" This was said by Zidane in the post-Classic Flash Interview: Analysis: “Very good feelings, very good game. We started very well, then it is difficult because the opponent is very good. We got a good victory, deserved, we had many chances to score the third goal, which would have been perfect. It is a well-deserved victory " Possible penalty in favor of Barcelona: “If it has not whistled, it is because there is no penalty. The added time is three, four, five or six minutes… He decides. The important thing for us is what we did in the field. We deserved the victory because we had many chances, although then we suffered because Barcelona is a very good team, before the game they were ahead. We can be happy, it cannot be said that it was only the referee ”. Valverde, starter: “I put one more in the middle but knowing that Fede could also be a little bit in the band and go into space, which is what he did in the first goal. It's very fast. It was the plan. In the middle, they are very good ”. Benzema's heel: “This is quality, talent, and Karim has a lot. I'm happy for him". Unión: “I'm happy for the players, for everyone, we have had many changes today, Marcelo, Isco, Odriozola, and Mariano have entered, four almost at the same time, and we suffer but they are all committed, they all want to play. It is a very supportive team and today they have seen each other again on the field ”. His responsibility for this success: “I am with them, working, but they are the ones in the field. I am responsible, of course, but I am happy for them. We have won together, me too, of course ”. Outstanding Week: “Nothing's going to change. A lot is missing. But you have to enjoy today and the next day, what we did because they are two very hard-fought games. We got two good results. There are players touched again, I don't know how we are going to end the season but we are going to need everyone because we are physically at the limit. It's hard for us to finish the games. But we are and we are alive. We are going to rest well and we are going to see how to do it, how to rest better, and then prepare for Wednesday's game ”. Rajada de Koeman: "The penalty is very clear, I don't understand why there is VAR in Spain" "It's a very clear penalty, I don't know why there is VAR in Spain." "Everyone who has seen the game, if you are from Barcelona you are hot, unhappy for two or three decisions by arbitration. In the first half we weren't good either attacking or defending, we improved in the second half. I only ask the referee to correct decisions because it is a penalty and the injury time is four minutes when he was two minutes with problems. The penalty is very clear. We must accept it and believe it ”. "You have to ask for extra time, but the penalty is very clear and there is no VAR, I don't know why there is VAR in Spain." Love, to Movistar: "Let's hope it wasn't Messi's last Clásico" “We have been better, they have the quality to go against it. But in the game in general we were better. We should have drawn the tie at least. But there is still a League ”. “When you don't have the measure of the field taken and they do well here. They are good at going against it and have no qualms about closing down. When we change we improve ". “I don't know if the VAR could have seen the plays. We have not seen them well. There was another from Dembélé in the first half and it was fast. The VAR decides quickly ”. “We have no feeling that we have said goodbye to the League. Madrid has put one of us and we have one of Barça ”. “Let's hope it wasn't Messi's last Clásico. He is very involved, he wants the best for Barça, he pulls the team ... think about the next game, the Copa del Rey and try to win the trophy. Sergi Roberto, to Movistar: "Mendy touches Braithwaite, it bothers me that he does not review it" "I think Mendy touches Braithwaite, it bothers me that he does not review it" “The feeling it leaves us is that of having tried to the end. The last play we were ready, but it could not be. There is a lot of league left and we will fight until the end ”. "He made a system change and we tried different things after the break, marking with 30 minutes left but it couldn't be." “Until now we depended on us, today it has not been like that. Try to win what we have left and that the rivals lose ”. “I was in front, I think Mendy touches Braithwaite, it bothers me that he doesn't check it. I was surprised that very quickly he said that there was nothing ”. "I have felt good, after two injuries, it is important to take minutes to help as much as possible." Nacho, to Movistar: "It was a final" "You can say it was a final" “It's very complicated, the game is over and I'm shivering. An important victory ”. “Winning a Clásico is nice and as the classification is so tight with everyone trying to win the League. You can say that it was a final, but there are many games left. "On the contrary we have felt comfortable, we know that Barcelona likes to touch the ball. We have put ourselves with two goals with an advantage. We have suffered but we have won." “Claiming the block. It is a large squad and we are standing up like today or against Liverpool. Zidane trusts everyone ”. “I haven't seen Mendy live live, because he catches me behind. There is the VAR to look at it ”.



  • 2 'There are no surprises in the Real Madrid eleven. Fede Valverde appears on the right side, as a midfielder that helps Lucas Vázquez when covering the climbs of Jordi Alba.

  • 3 'At Barça, Messi has freedom of movement while Ousmane Dembélé is positioned as a center forward.

  • 4 & # 39; The culé team starts dominating, taking control of the ball.

  • 5 'DATA. Real Madrid have tied the two 'Clásicos' they have played without Sergio Ramos in any competition since the debut of the one from Beds in this duel in November 2005 (1-1 at the Camp Nou in the second leg of the Champions League semifinals in 2011 and 1-1 in the first leg of the Copa del Rey semifinals in 2013).

  • 6 & # 39; Vinícius Junior's control is long! The Brazilian's first appearance, with more confidence than ever after the double achieved a few days ago against Liverpool in the Champions League. Ter Stegen anticipates to prevent him from reaching the ball.

  • 7 'Between Clément Lenglet and Óscar Mingueza they stop Karim Benzema, who was trying to appear from the inside and dominate the ball behind a wall.

  • 8 'The' Clásico 'started with a lot of energy, with both teams trying to recover quickly after loss. There are no free spaces on the Valdebebas board.

  • 9 & # 39; COURTOIS PUTS HIS HAND IN TO AVOID OUSMANE DEMBÉLÉ'S FINISH !!! The Belgian stretches to intercept the death pass that Jordi Alba placed at the penalty spot.

  • 10 'DATA. Thibaut Courtois has not conceded a single goal in his four meetings as Real Madrid goalkeeper against Lionel Messi in LaLiga, stopping all four shots on goal received from the Argentine.

  • 11 & # 39; Acrobatic clearance by Ronald Araújo! The Uruguayan adorns himself with a Chilean to ward off danger from his area after a corner kick. Casemiro had finished off in the first instance, later extending towards Vinícius Junior. The Barça defense resolves the action.

  • 12 & # 39; Barcelona exceeds 60% possession in this start.

  • 13 & # 39; Great defensive action by Clément Lenglet, closely following Vinícius Junior to avoid the pass that enabled Karim Benzema to go hand in hand against Ter Stegen.

  • 13 & # 39; GOOOOOOOOOOOOOL OF KARIM BENZEMA !!!! REAL MADRID 1-0 Barcelona. Benzema opens the can in the 'Classic' !! A start from Fede Valverde breaks the Barça defense, assisting towards the band so that Lucas Vázquez's center is finished off with a heel by the French forward. Ter Stegen does not react in time to avoid the goal.

  • 14 & # 39; Real Madrid strikes first in Valdebebas! The powerful stride of Fede Valverde, in addition to a gap left by Jordi Alba after a projection towards the attack, has paved the way for Real Madrid.

  • 15 'First quarter of an hour at Alfredo di Stéfano. Karim Benzema's target gives Real Madrid an advantage, which with this result tightens the fight for the lead.

  • 16 'DATA. Karim Benzema has scored at least one goal in his last seven LaLiga games (nine goals in total), becoming the fourth Real Madrid player to score in seven or more in a row in the competition in the 21st century after Ruud van Nistelrooy ( 2007), Cristiano Ronaldo (four times) and Gareth Bale (2018).

  • 17 'VIDEO. This was Benzema's goal:

  • 17 & # 39; With 1-0, Fede Valverde is starting to form a double side with Lucas Vázquez in the defensive phase, with the aim of minimizing the spaces before Jordi Alba rises on the left side. The Uruguayan is doing great attrition.

  • 18 'The wall does not come out for Leo Messi, who begins to take the controls. The Argentine forces the corner kick.

  • 19 'Foul in attack by Clément Lenglet on Casemiro at the start of a lateral foul. The Frenchman claims Gil Manzano's penalty from the Brazilian.

  • 20 & # 39; Ronald Araújo blocks Luka Modric's shot inside the area. Barça has difficulties to be forceful behind.

  • 21 'DATA. End to the scoring drought of a Karim Benzema who had not scored in any of his last nine games against Barcelona in all competitions. It was the longest streak without scoring against the same rival in his entire career at Real Madrid.

  • 23 & # 39; Pedri is booked by Gil Manzano for tripping over Casemiro. Dangerous foul in favor of Real Madrid.

  • 24 & # 39; KARIM BENZEMA'S SHOT GOES HIGH !!! The direct free of the French comes out very high.

  • 25 & # 39; Real Madrid trusts everything to the counterattack. In some defensive phase he comes to contain with a line of five defenders and quickly leaves his own field when he recovers. Let your rival knead the ball.

  • 26 & # 39; Ronald Araújo about to commit a penalty !! The Uruguayan ends up committing a foul in the front of the area to stop the advance of Vinícius Junior. Gil Manzano sanctions the action with yellow card for the Uruguayan defender.

  • 28 & # 39; Several Real Madrid players claim that Araújo's foul has been inside the area. The action is reviewed by the braid, who reaffirms his decision. Dangerous foul for the meringues.

  • 28 & # 39; GOOOOOOOOOOOOOL OF TONI KROOS !!!! REAL MADRID 2-0 Barcelona. Kroos increases the distance on the scoreboard !! The direct free-kick executed by the German touches Sergiño Dest's back and ends up beating Ter Stegen.

  • 29 & # 39; Poor Sergiño Dest! The American turns around at Kroos' launch and the ball ends up hitting his back, completely changing the trajectory of the ball. Jordi Alba can't do anything under the sticks to prevent him from ending up inside Ter Stegen's goal.

  • 30 & # 39; Half an hour of match in Valdebebas. The goals of Karim Benzema and Toni Kroos complicate the ballot of an unrecognizable Barcelona (2-0).

  • 31 & # 39; Vinícius Junior fell inside the area. The Brazilian wanted to dynamite on the left, trying to get off the mark of Ronald Araújo and Sergio Busquets.

  • 32 'VIDEO. This was the goal of Toni Kroos, who has scored his first goal from a direct free-kick for Real Madrid in any competition (six shots in total).

  • 34 & # 39; AL PALOOOOOOOOOOOO !!! REAL MADRID FORGIVES THE THIRD !!! Another counterattack from Real Madrid punishing Barcelona in speed. Vinícius Junior breaks the race and gives it to Fede Valverde, whose shoe crashes against the wood. The rejection falls into the boots of a Luka Modric who shoots centered, meeting with the stop of Ter Stegen.

  • 35 'Real Madrid's plan is coming out perfectly. You do not need many touches to stand in the last third of the field. Barça cannot stop Vinícius Junior and Fede Valverde leaving in a whirlwind.

  • 36 & # 39; Ronaldo Koeman does not see it at all clear and sends Antoine Griezmann to warm up in the Valdebebas band.

  • 37 & # 39; DEMBÉLÉ FALLS IN THE AREA OF REAL MADRID !!! Ferland Mendy lightly touches his compatriot as he entered the Courtois domain. There is nothing punishable for Gil Manzano.

  • 38 & # 39; Match stopped at the Alfredo di Stéfano. Gil Manzano sends the medical assistants to the field to treat both Lucas Vázquez and Sergio Busquets, who are injured after a head-on collision.

  • 39 'DATA. Casemiro is the player who has received the most fouls in this first period (five).

  • 40 & # 39; Play resumes in Valdebebas. It also heats Ilaix Moriba as a possible solution for the second 45 minutes.

  • 41 'It rains a lot right now in Madrid.

  • 42 & # 39; The alarms go off on the Real Madrid bench. Lucas Vázquez will not be able to continue on the field. Álvaro Odriozola is ready to enter.

  • 43 & # 39; First change at Real Madrid. Lucas Vázquez, with a knee problem after the clash with Busquets, cannot continue. Álvaro Odriozola enters his place.

  • 44 'DATA. Lucas Vázquez is Real Madrid's second top assistant this season in all competitions (7) after Toni Kroos (10).

  • 45 'Two minutes discount. We will go until 47 '.

  • 45 '+ 1' AL PALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!! ALMOST MESSI MARKS AN OLYMPIC GOAL !!! The Argentine executes the corner kick from the right, surprising Courtois.

  • 45 '+ 2' WHAT A PARADON OF THIBAUT COURTOOOOOOOOOIS !!! Messi pockets a ball with the help of his hand after a corner and fails to beat the Belgian, who leaves his area quickly to reduce the space.


  • REST | Gil Manzano decrees the conclusion of the first 45 regulatory minutes. Real Madrid take the road to the dressing rooms ahead on the scoreboard (2-0) thanks to goals from Karim Benzema and Toni Kroos. Severe corrective of the merengue team, who on the counter and exploiting the speed of Vinícius have managed to bring out all the deficiencies of Barcelona in defense. Not only did the Barça team not react after Karim Benzema's target, but they further increased their doubts later with the direct free kick of Toni Kroos, helped by a Sergiño Dest who does not make a good decision while at the barrier. In the discount, two occasions of Leo Messi have shown the way to the visitors to stand up in the second period.

  • REST | Barcelona's decision to go to pressure Real Madrid upstairs has exploited Real Madrid's best virtues, overwhelming with meters ahead. Whites tend to choke on those matches in which they have to propose, but instead they go with the machete between their teeth when they can come out with speed.

  • REST | A plan that is sustained thanks to a Vinícius Junior full of confidence. The Brazilian is managing to establish himself as the beginning of the attacks, frequently measuring himself in the race with Óscar Mingueza after taking Sergiño Dest's back. Beyond that initiative to break in speed, the '20' is making very good decisions with the ball.

  • REST | In that sense, the problem that Vinícius Junior is generating for Óscar Mingueza is such that the Barça squad has been dribbled up to three times, the highest record of the match.

  • REST | Barça is having a hard time breaking Real Madrid's defensive system, which at times defends with up to five men and a Casemiro subjected to defensive tasks. The culé team lacks troops in attack, with a Messi who is almost alone to get out of the spider web that the local team has mounted.

  • REST | Real Madrid went into halftime with a victory with a two-goal advantage, something that hadn't happened to them in a LaLiga 'Clásico' since May 2008, with Bernd Schuster as coach. The match ended with a resounding white victory (4-1).

  • 46 & # 39; THE SECOND HALF BEGINS!

  • 46 & # 39; Before resuming the game after passing through the changing rooms, Koeman made the first substitution to touch up the team. Griezmann enters. He stays at the Sergiño Dest booth.

  • 47 'With the entry of Antoine Griezmann, Koema places Dembélé on the right side and gives the left wing to' The Little Prince '. Messi appears on the inside, with Frenkie de Jong and Pedri gaining height with respect to Sergio Busquets.

  • 48 'DATA. Casemiro is the first Real Madrid player to cause six fouls in a LaLiga 'Clásico' since Guti in March 2007 at the Camp Nou (9).

  • 49 & # 39; NACHO FERNÁNDEZ BLOCKS LEO MESSI'S SHOT !!! The white youth squad appears in time to prevent the Argentine's shot from finding the goal defended by Courtois.

  • 50 & # 39; Frenkie de Jong's header! He does not manage to finish with comfort before the marking of Eder Militao at the exit of a corner.

  • 51 'Marco Asensio already warms up on the band of Alfredo di Stéfano. The Spaniard has been the main absence of the starting eleven presented by Zinedine Zidane.

  • 52 & # 39; The positioning of Griezmann and Dembélé on the wings makes Real Madrid delay meters before the visitor push.

  • 53 'DATA. The last 'Clásico' in which he came back two goals was in January 2012 in the Copa del Rey (2-2 at the Camp Nou).

  • 54 & # 39; Toni Kroos rehearses the hit from afar. The German, despite having time to control and orient himself, decides to shoot first after receiving a pass from the right.

  • 55 & # 39; ANTOINE GRIEZMANN OFFSIDE !! The Frenchman, slightly ahead of the last defender, ends the play by sending his shot away from the goal.

  • 56 & # 39; KARIM BENZEMA IS NOT COMING !!! Casemiro's excursion from the inside, who throws a long Odriozola that carefully puts it on the French striker. He lacks centimeters to get to connect the auction.

  • 57 & # 39; Whiplash by Karim Benzema! His kick from outside the area goes high.

  • 58 & # 39; The impressive rain that is falling on Valdebebas is making it difficult for footballers to stay on their feet without slipping. There are many falls as a result of what he is hooting.

  • 59 'Marco Asensio, ready to enter the field. The Spaniard already receives technical instructions from Zinedine Zidane's assistants.

  • 60 & # 39; GOOOOOOOOOOOOOL OF ÓSCAR MINGUEZA !!!! Real Madrid 2-1 BARCELONA. Mingueza puts Barça in the game !! Mendy does not close in time and the Barça squad takes advantage of the mistake to finish off Jordi Alba's lateral center from the left.

  • 61 & # 39; New change in the ranks of Real Madrid. Zidane bets on Marco Asensio. It occupies the place left by Fede Valverde.

  • 62 & # 39; AL PALOOOOOOOOOOOO !!! The third of Real Madrid is about to arrive !! Ronald Araújo lightly touches the center of Vinícius Junior, deflecting the trajectory of the ball towards his own goal. Leather crashes against wood.

  • 63 'DATA. Óscar Mingueza has scored in his first official 'Clásico'. The last Barça defender to score in his first game against Real Madrid was Marc Bartra in April 2014 in the Mestalla final.

  • 64 'Koeman refreshes the team. He removes Sergio Busquets from the field to put Sergi Roberto in.

  • 65 & # 39; TO THE BARRIER !!! Leo Messi's direct free-kick crashes into the line of men placed by Thibaut Courtois.

  • 66 'GENEROUS VINÍCIUS JUNIOR SIN !!! He has forgiven a clear shot !! With Barcelona installed in the opposite field, Real Madrid steals and Modric throws Vinícius long, who manages to beat Óscar Mingueza's back. The Brazilian, instead of shooting in front of Ter Stegen, decides to give the option to Benzema, who cannot do it before the rectification of Ronald Araújo.

  • 67 'Barça continues to suffer with the vertical game of Real Madrid. The locals do not have difficulties before the dominance of the ball of their rival.

  • 68 & quot; WHAT HAS FAILED TONI KROOS !!! A Vinícius Junior header turns into an assist for the German, whose header from the penalty spot crashes into a defender. He was alone at the auction!

  • 69 & # 39; Yellow for Nacho Fernández for a foul on Leo Messi, whom he hits after taking a shot from the edge of the area.

  • 70 & # 39; TO THE BARRIER !!! Leo Messi returns to crash his direct free against the white wall. It doesn't give your shot too much height.

  • 71 & # 39; Fueeeeeeeeeeeraaaaaaaa !!! The leadership of Leo Messi finds Griezmann inside, who opens the game to the right for the projection of Óscar Mingueza. The youth squad ends with a cross shot that does not take all three sticks.

  • 72 & # 39; Triple change in the ranks of Real Madrid. Zidane removes Toni Kroos from the field to put Isco Alarcón, dispenses with Karim Benzema to bet on Mariano Díaz and takes Marcelo in place of Vinicius.

  • 72 & # 39; Ronald Koeman also moves, resorting to Ilaix Moriba. Ronald Araújo leaves.

  • 73 & # 39; With just over a quarter of an hour to go, Zidane is already beginning to think about the Champions League tie against Liverpool. The French wants to dose efforts so as not to exhaust a physically punished squad.

  • 74 & # 39; COURTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIS !!! Ilaix Moriba joins from the second row to connect a header to the center of Leo Messi. He gets something centered, ending up in the hands of the Belgian goalkeeper.

  • 75 'VIDEO. This was Mingueza's goal.

  • 75 'The service posted by Marcelo from the left does not come to fruition. He was attacked by Marco Asensio, who arrives later than Lenglet.

  • 76 & # 39; TER STEGEEEEEEEEEEN !!! Odriozola reaches the bottom line and takes a center-kick that is poisoning little by little until it compromises the German goal, sending the ball to a corner.

  • 77 & # 39; Double chance for Real Madrid. Isco Alarcón's shot is blocked by the Barça defense and in the second instance Marcelo ends with a shot that goes wide.

  • 78 'DATA. Only Iago Aspas (12) has achieved more assists than Jordi Alba (11, the same as Messi and Griezmann) this season among all competitions among all LaLiga players.

  • 79 'Match stopped in Valdebebas. Gil Manzano stops time to change the device that puts him in contact with the members of the VAR Chamber. The device does not work for Extremadura.

  • 81 & # 39; After Leo Messi changed his shirt (the previous one was already heavy because of how wet it was), Trincao and Braithwaite jump onto the field, replacing Pedri and Dembélé.

  • 82 & # 39; Isco Alarcón hits him from the front of the area. His shot goes high.

  • 83 'DATA. Leo Messi can remain unmarked in seven 'Clásicos' in a row between all competitions for the first time in his entire career at Barcelona.

  • 84 & # 39; BARCELONA CLAIMS PENALTY FROM FERLAND MENDY !!! Braithwaite falls into the white area after a slight touch from the French side. There is nothing punishable for Gil Manzano.

  • 84 'Jordi Alba sees the yellow card for protesting. There is also yellow card to Ronald Koeman for protesting. The Dutchman asks Gil Manzano to go to the VAR monitor to assess the action of the possible penalty.

  • 86 & # 39; Barça is installed in the opposite field. The game takes place practically in one half of the field.

  • 87 'DATA. Real Madrid have not fired a single shot between the three sticks throughout the second period.

  • 89 & # 39; Gil Manzano admonishes Casemiro for a foul on Messi at the midfield.

  • 90 & # 39; CASEMIRO IS EXPELLED !!!! The Brazilian does not measure well, arrives late and takes Óscar Mingueza ahead. Two yellows in just one minute.

  • 90 '+ 1' The first of the four minutes that Gil Manzano has given off is completed. We will go until 94 '!

  • 90 '+ 2' MEEEEEEEEEESSI !!!! The Argentine's direct free kick is caught by Thibaut Courtois in two halves.

  • 90 '+ 3' Ilaix Moriba hits him !! The shot goes high !! The youth squad uses the outer instep from outside the area, taking advantage of the fact that Real Madrid is sinking in their area.

  • 90 '+ 4' DATA. Casemiro has been sent off for the second time in his career at Real Madrid (478 fouls committed). The first was against Real Valladolid in March 2019.

  • 90 '+ 4' TO THE LARGUEROOOOOOOOOOO !!! THE BARÇA HAS HAD THE TIE IN THE DISCOUNT !!! Ilaix Moriba smashes his shot against the crossbar.



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